Policies & Rates.

For your convenience please be familiar with the following Policies

and Rates before contacting to schedule an appointment.



The courtesy of 24 hours notice of cancellation is requested. Availability of open time slots is important for all clients.


For most of the massage modalities clothing is removed before the bodywork session. Some clients may prefer to leave underwear on. The decision is always theirs.


Clients are draped with a sheet to ensure privacy. The sheet is adjusted to uncover only the areas of the body which are being massaged.


Therapeutic massage is strictly non-sexual. If the client expresses interest in sexual massage, the session will be terminated.


Clients are strongly urged not to eat a large meal at least two hours before a massage for comfort and for digestive reasons.

Intake Form:

Before the session, clients are asked to complete a form about medical history and special needs or concerns.


If the client is late for the massage, bodywork will be given only for the remaining time scheduled. Starting and ending on time is a courtesy to all clients and the bodyworker.

E-mail: caroleehhp@gmail.com

PHONE: 760-271-6424

Rates :

  75 Minutes $85

  90 Minutes $100

120 Minutes $130

180 Minutes $200