RainDrop Therapy is a technique developed by Dr Gary Young where-by a series of particular essential oils are dropped (thus the name RainDrop Therapy) and evenly dispersed along the spine of the recipient in a designated order by the fingertips of the therapist.  Dr. Young got the idea of this dispersion technique afterhaving spent time with some Lakota people and listening to the wisdom of the village Elders. They told how they created a stroking technique of the spine which they believe simulates an incredible electrical healing charge; similar to the charge they would receive during their visits to Saskatchewan and Manitoba to experience the healing powers of the  Aurora Borealis.  Dr. Young, knowing that essential oils possess their own unique electrical frequencies thought this stroking technique along the spine would be a powerful way to deliver the healing properties of the essential oils to the human body.  The essential oils used in RainDrop Therapy are specially selected to help release toxins and restore balance and energy to all systems of the body, including mental physical and emotional. RainDrop Therapy is taken to a whole new level of uniqueness, power and relaxation when performed by Carolee on her Sound Table. As the client is receiving the RainDrop Therapy they will not only be listening to specially selected music,  but will also be feeling that music resonate through their whole being------it is a blissful ‘other worldly’ experience; an experience hard to express in words.  It is something that must be experienced to realize.