Hot Stone Therapy


    Hot Stone Therapy is the application of heated stones to the body during a massage session which helps to restore the balance of energy in the body and bring about a deep sense of relaxation and well being.  Carolee hand selected the igneous and metamorphic stones she uses in her practice from along the Pacific Coast line.  And then there is the large Healing Stone that was gifted to her by a Benedictine Monk when she was visiting him in Jamule, California.  He told her this stone holds special healing properties and she enjoys sharing the healing properties of this stone with her clients using it on the Hara (or stomach area, known in the oriental tradition as being a ‘power house’ of the body).  Carolee uses the different stones to stimulate the circulatory system, tonify the meridians, soften and relax muscles, and she places them intuitively on the body to promote self-healing and create a feeling of peacefulness and spiritual well-being.